FAQ - Boat Wraps

My boat isn’t a Supra or Moomba, can you still wrap my boat?
The boats you see are just used to display the artwork. Any boat make, model, or year can be wrapped.

Do you wrap power boats?
Yes we do, let us know what you’re looking for!

What modifications can be made to a stock design?
1. Use the factory logo, delete it, or change it, it’s up to you!

2. Change the colors to match any color combination you desire.

3. Remove design elements and add your own to our designs. If you add a design element such as logos, etc. you must get permission from that company to use the said logo and have them supply it in a vector or high resolution format.

4. You can pretty much change anything besides the overall design of the background.

What makes my design a “Custom” design?
Your design is considered a “custom” design only when we build a wrap for you from the ground up starting with a custom background.

How long does the entire process take?
Using a stock design speeds the process up greatly and can usually be ready for installation in about a week or less. Custom projects can take a little longer. The more changes that are asked for, the longer it will take.

Rush Services:: What if I need my wrap installed in a hurry?!
Rush is offered at an additional cost depending on how fast you need it.

How long will my wrap last? What is the warranty?
We only use quality 3M products with a 3 Year Limited Warranty against fading, cracking, and peeling. If you take care of it, it will last much longer. Sometimes up to 10 years on a boat!

Will it hurt my gelcoat? Is it removable?
No, it actually protects your gelcoat from minor scratches and scrapes. Yes, the wrap is will remove cleanly with little or no adhesive residue for the first 5 years. After the 5 year mark, the wrap will build a stronger bond and you may have a small amount of residue to clean up. The only caveat is if your boat already has surface damage or has been repainted before.

Will you be able to see my gelcoat color through the wrap?
No, the adhesive is opaque (meaning blocks all color from coming through).

How durable is it? What if I damage the wrap?
We tell everyone treat it like a custom paint job, baby it and be careful with it, don’t abuse it. If you are to run into the dock or do something to tear the wrap you can quickly lay the tear back down and seal it with 3M edge seal tape we can provide to you. If it is bad enough you can call to order a replacement patch, or even a complete side.

Do you have a template for my boat?
We have most templates for many boats. For boats that we don’t have, we’ll email you a measurement sheet. You’ll then send it back to us, so we can digitize the template to make sure your graphic kit fits perfectly.

Will it go over the rubrail?
Every boat presents different obstacles based on the hull design, etc. Most wraps are applied above the rubrail, of course it’s up to you if you do or do not want the wrap to be applied there. The wrap will not be applied on top of the rubrail as it’ll quickly be damaged when your boat rubs up against something.

How do I care for my wrap?
We recommend hand washing with normal vehicle washing soaps. Please use a sponge or soft brush. It’s NOT recommended to use a pressure washer to wash the wrap because it may lift the wrap with its incredibly high water pressure.

Will my sides match perfectly?
When your graphics are printed they will be perfectly mirrored. During install great care is taken to make sure both sides match as close as possible. If the graphic is within a few inches high, low, left, or right we consider that to be very acceptable.

Do you offer color matching?
Yes! If you’re wrap is color critical, you will be sent a color match kit to choose the exact shades of your colors you desire. This way you will see the colors as they will be on your installed wrap.

What if there’s a bubble or a wrinkle?
Small bubbles or wrinkles may appear in your final wrap. This is normal with ANY graphic installation of super large graphics. The best installers in the world will have an occasional bubble or wrinkle and this is normal. These bubbles or wrinkles are few and far between and will normally only be found in tight crevices and extreme compound curve areas and they should be extremely small in size.

Can I supply my own design?
Yes, contact us for exact specifications of what we need from you or your designer. We will then give you a quote based on coverage and setup time needed to get it ready for print, etc.

Can you wrap over existing graphics?
We highly recommend removing all existing graphics before our graphic installation if the vinyl is to cover any existing graphics. The wrap material is thin enough to still show evidence of the edges of the existing graphics underneath.