FAQ - Carpet Graphics

1 Can you make custom decals / my logo?

We don’t design logos but we can take any logo and make it into a carpet graphic. You can actually do that right on our website at ZDecals.com. You click on shop from the menu, click carpet decals, and custom ordering is right there. We accept all file types, just not photos of logos. If there’s any issue you’ll be contacted.


2 Can you take my order over the phone?

I would love to take your order. Unfortunately, we can’t do phone orders for security reasons. However our website is encrypted with the highest security you can get. You can definitely trust any purchase made on our site.


3 Asking about applying to a different surface other than bass boat carpet (vinyl flooring, boat cover, motor cover, trailer, etc)

We can’t say for certain if it will or will not work for that purpose since we have not tested it. However, our carpet graphic material has a very aggressive adhesive so it will stick to pretty much everything. However, never apply it to a hard, smooth surface because it will be permanent. Our graphics work best on textured, soft surfaces because it will hold as well as be removable. For example, it works great on vinyl seats, Yeti soft coolers, and gear bags. Let us know when you find a cool use!

4 What size should I get?

All of our customers order various sizes depending on their boat and where they want to put them.  Though I’d like to be able to tell you what to get, we don’t know the dimensions of all the compartments on the boat. To make sure your graphics fit perfectly, I highly recommend measuring the places you have in mind and then ordering.


5 Do you offer "X" brand, I don't see it on your site?

If you don’t see it on our website, get permission from that brand then use the custom logo page to upload the logo they give you to place your order.


6 How do you clean a dirty carpet graphic?

We recommend using dawn dish soap and water with a stiff-bristled brush. Gently scrub until clean. I would not use any chemicals. If you get chartreuse or dye on it and it won't remove using dawn, try Goo Gone. If that doesn't work you may have to reorder your damaged graphic and replace.


7 Removability?

Yes, they should remove easily by grabbing a corner and gently peeling back. We recommend letting the boat sit in the sun for a while before removal so the adhesive softens. There shouldn’t be any residue left behind but if there is, we recommend putting Goo Gone on a rag and agitating the adhesive. Afterward, rinse with soapy water.


8 How long do they last / Is there a warranty?

Our decals stand up to a great amount of abuse, however, there isn’t a warranty as these decals are short-term removable graphics.  Some of our customers have had them for up to 3 years. We recommend replacing them when you notice excessive wear.


9 How fast do they ship?

Orders typically ship out within 2 business days from when the order is placed. Custom orders ship 2 business days after proof approval. The shipping speed will be dependent on the method chosen at checkout. 

*FREE shipping goes USPS first class 5-7 business days. 


10 Can I return them?

You can return your unused graphics within 30 days of delivery.  After that, it's yours. However, we cannot accept returns on custom orders unless there is a quality issue.


11 Do you offer discounts?

We do! Our bulk discounts start at 5 decals or more. You can find all the discounted pricing by clicking “Bulk Decals” under the Shop tab.


12 Can you show me a proof before I buy it?

You’ll receive a proof once your order is placed. Once you receive the proof you can let the design team know if you need to make any small changes.