Wake Force - Boat Wrap


Wake Force - Boat Wrap

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We Highly Recommend applying to boats 2010 or newer because of surface breakdown and oxidation that happens on older boats. Before purchasing please consult with your future installer to confirm your boat's surface is suitable for wrapping.

This price includes the wrap for the sides + transom of your boat as well as unlimited design time for 30 days with one of our talented artists to customize a ZDecals catalog design for your specific boat. This price does not include installation. You will work with your local installer directly on scheduling and additional price for installation. 

The designs are shown on a Moomba boat just as an example. All designs can be made to fit almost any type of boat. Once you order your wrap, please email sales@zdecals.com the order #, Make, Model, and Year of your boat as well as pictures of it so we can get started on your design. You will receive proofs on your actual boat to review so you have the opportunity to make any changes before printing.

Our wraps are printed on premium 3M Vinyl with 3M UV laminate. If you store your boat out of the weather during the off-season and take care of it when using the boat, our boat wraps will last many years. We highly recommend removing the wrap within 5 years as it will start to create a more aggressive bond every year after. Always remove at the first sign of cracking.

*Disclaimer, if there is any oxidation on your boat it cannot be wrapped until the oxidation is removed. Consult with your installer about removal and surface preparation.

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